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This is a story of a small hero.

In a world grappling with food insecurity, climate change, food waste, power nutrition and rising CO2 levels, the mealworm is making a mark. Efficiently consuming food waste, it helps curb greenhouse gas emissions. As a wholesome food ingredient, it offers a protein-rich, nutritious alternative.

An alternative food industry for people and planet wellbeing.

Harnessing the might of mealworms, we extract powder, protein, and oils to enhance various foods with robust nutrition, infusing meals with proteins, good fats, and vital micronutrients. Simultaneously, their frass enriches our soils, promoting a circular, sustainable food production cycle, that not only feeds us but heals our planet too.

Research & production of nutritious and sustainable food with less impact.

Through rigorous R&D, we refine our processes to guarantee superior ingredients for food, feed, and plants. Collaborating with food companies, we repurpose co-products, enhancing quality while minimizing waste. At Tecmafoods, our mission is clear: Deliver top-tier, eco-conscious products for a better world.

Our brands

Each of our brands echoes our core mission, driving forward our goals of sustainability, nutrition, and innovation. Dive in to discover how every label under the Tecmafoods umbrella contributes to a healthier, greener world.


Leading our brand lineage is TecmaFood. With a dedication to sustainability and excellence, TecmaFood offers premium food ingredients in diverse forms: whole, powder, protein, and oils. Each product, while ensuring unparalleled quality, is a testament to our commitment to environmentally-conscious nourishment. Dive into the world of TecmaFood and witness how we seamlessly blend nutrition with nature.


Next in our lineup is TecmaFeed. Exclusively tailored for feed and pet food, TecmaFeed is devoted to enhancing the quality of life for animals. Whether it's in the form of live larvae, powder, protein, or oils, each ingredient is meticulously crafted to provide optimal nutrition. With TecmaFeed, we don't just feed animals; we offer them a healthier, more vibrant life. Dive in and see how TecmaFeed is reshaping the landscape of animal nutrition, one meal at a time.


Closing the cycle is TecmaPlant: Championing sustainable agriculture, we deliver unmatched plant nourishment via frass in powder or pellet forms. Beyond feeding, our products, enriched with nitrogen and chitin, regenerate soils, supporting resilient crops. Dive into TecmaPlant: a nexus of soil rejuvenation, innovation, and future-ready farming.


Throughout our journey, mastering mealworm production has been a pivotal achievement. TecmaBOX encapsulates this expertise, offering technology that transforms spaces into efficient mealworm farms, be it through modular units, the iRanches, or by converting existing structures.

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Dive deep into the heart of Tecmafoods and uncover the magic behind each grain, pellet, and droplet. From the tiny wonders of mealworms to the vast possibilities of sustainable farming, journey through our innovations and see firsthand how we're reshaping the future of nutrition and agriculture. Join us and discover the passion, technology, and vision that powers Tecmafoods. Let's navigate this exciting terrain together!

Our process

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From carefully vetting our suppliers to meticulously crafting our final products, quality remains paramount in our journey. At Tecmafoods, every stage undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure unparalleled excellence. It's a seamless fusion of tradition, technology, and innovation. Dive in and witness how we transform raw inputs into sustainable treasures.

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Decentralized iRanches

Recent Spotlight: Our decentralized iRanches, powered by TecmaBox, were featured, showcasing sustainable, localized insect farming. Dive into innovation!

Larvae turned into nutritious flour in just 10 weeks

Breaking from Matosinhos! Larvae turned into nutritious flour in just 10 weeks under optimal conditions. Sustainability meets food innovation!

Insect protein-based food

Breaking from RTP: Insect protein-based food production on the rise! A sustainable turn in culinary innovation."

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